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Lamp 3-chip LCD projector



Display technology:3-chip LCD (0.64 inch DML)
Brightness:5800 ISO lumens
Contrast ratio:10000:1(with IRIS&ECO mode)

  WITIW EFP series projector adopts RGB 3-chip LCD projection technology, which effectively uses light source to reduce light loss. It has the characteristics of high brightness efficiency, large color space, energy saving and environmental protection.
  Compared with other projection technologies, the use of 3-chip LCD projection technology enables WITIW EFP series projectors to project high color brightness, clear, bright and gorgeous images, without color overflow and rainbow phenomenon, which can make viewing more comfortable.


More applicable: WUXGA + WXGA + XGA

EFP series provides three resolutions: HD, widescreen and SD, which can better meet the projection needs of different applications.

More convenient: Original replacement lens

In addition to standard lenses, EFP series WU58, WX58 and XA63 can also replace the original with 0.46, 0.6 or 0.8 compliant lenses.

High contrast: 10,000:1

EFP series WU58, WX58 and XA63 can provide up to 10000 to 1 contrast, and the light and shade details are clear.

More flexible: Vertical + Horizontal + Four corner correction

EFP series WU58 supports ±30°vertical and ±15°horizontal trapezoidal correction, as well as four corner correction, while WX58 and XA63 support pillow and barrel correction additionally for convenient and flexible installation.

Longer life: 3000Hours / 4000Hours

Two regular meetings are held every week, and the original lamp can be used enough for 6 years. There is no need to increase the price to buy the laser one, which is very cost-effective (regular meetings are calculated as 4 hours / piece)

High brightness: USHIO:300W high efficiency lamp

The EFP series WU58, WX58 and XA63 use ushio:300W which is a new generation of high-efficiency lamps, which is easy to practice, high brightness and large picture to meet the needs of a variety of use scenarios.

More beautiful: Built-in 10W speaker

A built-in 10W speaker with outstanding performance makes the sound louder and the overall performance more colored and sound.

Smaller: 0.016 cubic meters, Compact volume

EFP series WU58, WX58 and XA63 have beautiful length, width and height in the golden ratio. The volume of 0.016 cubic meters is exquisite and compact, showing the beauty of being placed on the table or ceiling.

One click black screen: Rapid response to scene transition

If the projection screen is not needed for the time being, the black screen can be realized by pressing the blank key, and the projection image will disappear completely as a blank screen. Then press the blank key or any other key to restore the projection image to normal.


Projection type Lamp 3-chip LCD projector
Display technology 3-chip LCD (0.64 inch DML)
Brightness 5800 ISO lumens
Resolution ratio 1920 x 1200(WUXGA)
Contrast ratio 10000:1(with IRIS&ECO mode)
Aspect ratio 16:10
Light source USHIO:300W
Light source lifetime 3000H(Normal) / 4000H(ECO)
Optical lens shift Manual shift
Lens type Manual focus / zoom or Manual focus / no zoom
Image size 50~500 inch (diagonal)
Geometric correction V: ±30°;H: ±15°;four-corner correction
Inputs VGA x2;HDMI x2;Video x1;RCA audio x1(L/R);Mini jack 3.5mm audio x1
Speaker 10W x1
Outputs VGA x1(Share with VGA IN 2);Mini jack 3.5mm audio x1 x1
Control Serial port (D-sub 9 pin, RS232) x1; RJ45(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) x1
Other interfaces USB-A x1;USB-B x1
Internet of Things(IoT) Crestron RoomView (Compatible);AMX Discovery (Compatible);PJ Link (Compatible)
Scanning frequency V:24~85Hz;H:15~91KHz
Video input 480i; 480p; 576i; 576p; 720p; 1080i;1080p
Image mode Dynamic, Standard, Cinema, Color board, Blackboard
Edge blending Yes
Automatic function Input search; Auto PC;Automatic vertical trapezoid correction;Automatic hoisting detection; Signal automatic start-up
Electronic zoom 1~33 times
Power consumption Standard mode; ECO mode
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling
Shutdown heat dissipation mode 0 seconds shutdown; 60 seconds shutdown; 90 seconds shutdown;
High sea level model Yes (1400~2700m)
Noise level ECO : MAX 35dB;Normal : 41dB
Power requirements 100~240V@ 50/60Hz
Power consumption 410W(Standard mode);287W(ECO)
Standby power <0.5W
Operational ambient Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃(ECO mode ~35℃); Humidity 20%~80%(No condensation)
Storage ambient Temperature -20℃ ~60℃; Humidity 10%~80%(No condensation)
Net weight About 4.45 kg
Dimensions (WxLxH) 395mm x 318mm x 128mm
Shipping weight from factory About 6.0 kg
Shipping dimensions from factory 495mm x 440mm x 230mm (W x L x H)
Certification CCC, CECP, CEL
*For 3-chip LCD technology, please refer to
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EFP-WU58 manual 2021/9/28