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What is WITIW?

WITIW is an engineering projector brand which focuses on the manufacture and sales of projection system, the research and development of image and color processing technology, and has complete product planning and flexible system integration solutions. WITIW is not only the pronoun of professional projector, but also the symbol of all beautiful extension and eternity in the image world!

What does WITIW do?

From R& D, manufacturing to brand marketing, WITIW has a complete and dedicated resource investment and grasp, abides by the concept of “Focus, Specialty and Specialization", adheres to the spirit of ingenuity and innovation, and is committed to becoming a famous brand in professional projection industry.

What is the mission of WITIW?

WITIW brand was founded in 2009, always adhere to the brand mission:

Let the partner rest assured, altogether makes the user satisfied!

Respect competitive products and competitors, and promote the development of the industry!

Looking back on 11 years of persistence and innovation, WITIW will surely become your reliable projector partner.

What is the vision of WITIW?

WITIW firmly believes that it will always work with global partners to serve all users for a long time and create beautiful images together.

What is the social responsibility of WITIW?

WITIW is committed to promoting corporate governance from high and fast, attaching importance to the rights and interests of employees and partners, responding to the national green environmental protection action, and actively safeguarding social welfare. The details are as follows:

• Maintain good corporate governance, strictly abide by business ethics, abide by legal norms, and always regard the interests of partners as the life of the brand.

• To provide a safe and healthy working environment, protect the rights and interests of employees, give employees the space to give full play to their talents, and work together with employees to serve each partner of WITIW.

• Respond to international environmental protection laws and regulations, actively promote office energy conservation and environmental protection, implement resource recycling, and maintain the safety and health of working environment.

• Support and comply with the national concept of green development and supply products that meet the environmental protection and safety standards.

• Share the concept and practice of corporate social responsibility with partners to share corporate social responsibility.

• Maintain the rights and interests of partners and ensure that each partner has full-time sales one-to-one customer service.

• Actively participate in social public welfare activities and practice the concept of enterprises giving back to the society with concrete actions.

WITIW will continue to pay attention to the topics and trends of corporate social responsibility, so as to timely update and improve the coverage and implementation of corporate social responsibility. At the same time, the company will expand the depth and breadth of corporate social responsibility through systematic organization and promotion in daily operation, and keep close cooperation and good communication with all partners, so as to ensure the maximum comprehensive benefits of internal and external resources of the brand.

Contact information

Name of manufacturer: Shenzhen C&M I.T., Ltd.

Address of manufacturer: No.3-12, Melin RD., Futian DIST., Shenzhen

Tel: 400-931-5899